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"The sub-frame bush inserts or replacements eliminate vertical and lateral movement in the IRS sub-frame. The OE engineers have made several changes to these four bushes. the first change was to fill the deep Noise Vibration and Harshness voids on the 10/11 bushes. The ZL1 had further upgrades and so did the 1LE. There is still sufficient movement to create dynamic alignment changes in a range wide enough for the driver to experience rear end steer a.k.a. loose rear end."

Humm lest just say there a road down in Mexico with a left hand turn I go through at 100 MPH in my old mustang and when I trying doing the same thing with the 1LE the back of the car feels loose . The mustang was flat ass planted it also had a torsion Diff with a 4:1 TBR ratios . Looks like I all ready ran into this bushing problem .

I think I take this over to the chassis part of the forum read your threads and look into seeing what involved in replacing the bushing thank you for your time .
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