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Just a quick update. I called the dealership yesterday and they said they received the engine. They will work on getting the engine put back together and into the car today, and I should be able to pick it up on Friday. (Since they are obviously closed on the 4th of July) I asked about the possibility of a 5 year, 60,000 warranty from now for the engine, but was promptly told no. That's okay, I can understand that. After all, I shouldn't complain too much right, since I am getting a new engine. Will just have to go through the break-in period again. But hey, if I remember right, it states to not drive at the same speed all the time. Which is fine by me.
Oh, and the first dealership said that if I took my car back there, they would clean up the mess they left on the side of my car. They also said that they would give me the $160 that I paid for the service back in service credit. Gee thanks for the offer, but the idea is that I don't want to take my car back to your place. So, looks like that is out the window.
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