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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Hi all, new 1LE owner!

I've searched but couldn't find an answer on best road course alignment for an all-stock 1LE with the factory Goodyear F1 Supercar G2's. I may soon pick up a second set of wheels with slicks, so I'd like the alignment to be a compromise between the Goodyears and slicks. This car handles so damned good, I'm not sure if I want to mod anything other than an aggressive track alignment and high temp brake fluid! I may change my mind later, but this is where I'll start.

My car is a 50/50 track/street car, not a daily driver. It's priority is the track. I'm okay to sacrifice some additional tire wear on the street with the payoff of better handling at the track. The Camaro's maiden voyage is on July 20-21 at Thunderhill.

There's a local performance alignment shop that is exceptional. They are recommending a lot of camber in the front, and stock camber in the rear, to solve the Camaro SS's understeer problem. Well, the 1LE has already reduced understeer significantly as compared to a stock SS, and they have no experience with a 1LE. So this is new territory for them. Here's what I'm thinking for the stock 1LE:

Camber: -1.9 to -2.1 degrees
Caster: 8
Toe: 0.2

Camber: -0.9 to -1.1 degrees
Toe: 0.2

If anyone knows the stock 1LE alignment specs, that would also be useful.

Feedback is much appreciated.


The shop is on the right track.

Front Camber -2.2
Toe 0.00 is better than OE, but 0.25 per side out is much better than stock.
Caster is good, but not adjustable on the 5th Gen with slotting the radius arm bolt holes and using Pedders eXtended Range Eccentrics.

Rear Camber 1/2 the front camber i.e. -1.10
Rear Toe IN 0.10 per side Total Toe 0.20
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