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Originally Posted by Bbrock25 View Post
So I was looking into buying some of this product for my vehicles. I currently use Nu Finish car wax. I was about to leave and pick up some new stuff to try, but whats the difference in the Paste, and Liquid polishes? Does it matter which to get? Also should I get the detailer spray? If so do I use it before or after I wax. Or only use it after a wash that I dont wax?

Hi Bbrock25, I use the liquid polish, make sure your car is cool and use small, small amounts. I do not like TW detail spray - try Meguiars detail spray. Detail spray is for the in between waxes times. If you don't like to wax, TW Ice is the way to go - easy on, easy off. I would much rather spend my time driven them, than rubbing on them!
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