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1LE rims put grove in a brake line?

I'm not sure what this line is but pretty sure it's the brake line on my rear tires, I recently put on my 10 spoke rims and when I drive I heard the line clipping the wheel balances and it left a grove in the line

It's only on both rear tires and I'm lowered 1"

I will post pics tomorrow, it's not the line that clips to the top of the toe rod, if your looking at the side of the car it's closer to the front of the rear wheel well, it's has a black rubber insulator and the grove is like a stainless hose inside it

For now I zip tied it to my toe rod so I can drive without damaging it more

What I'm trying to get at is how can I fix it? Can I simply cut and splice that line? Or do I have to replace the whole thing? Also how and where do I get the material to fix it?

Edit: pics in post #8

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