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Rear Brake Line rubbing on clutch line bracket on transmission!!!

Put my 1Le up on ramps to see if I could solve my shifter rattle, only to find contact between the rear brake line and the transmission.

Do not have pics , but it was also 110 deg when I was out there.

The rear brake line from the brake master cylinder runs down the tunnel to the rear axle. My line looks like it was not formed right and contacts the steel bracket on the left side of the transmission. The bracket is the one that holds the quick connection for the clutch slave cylinder line.

I tried to bend the line to clear the bracket, but was afraid of kinking it. In the end just used a piece of fuel line to prevent the line from getting a hole rubbed in it.

Can someone post a pic of this area so I can see what is wrong with mine. Is there some type of bender I can get to bend this line out of the way, still on the car?
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