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Originally Posted by SSpade22 View Post
My SS is an auto (built 4L80e); I don’t know why everyone is always talking down about autos at the strip. My times are always consistent (6.60 in the 1/8th on 20in wheels with a 1.50 60ft time) while my manual buddies are all over the place.

I would be willing to bet that GM makes an automatic version of the Z/28 just like they did the SS, and I doubt anyone will be taking the badges off it
His comment has nothing to do with automatics good or bad at the drags.

The Z/28 is going to be a raw drivers it was from the start. It was born with only a manual and this new Z/28 is already said to be manual only. Most anyone buying a new Z/28 is looking for a track ready car. Yes some will 1/4 mile it, but that is not its purpose.
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