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Originally Posted by impaidbyu View Post
I have been reading this thread and have a question.
If a car makes 8lbs of boost from a twin turbo set up and the same car has 8lbs of boost from a maggie set up why does the twin turbo make more hp?
What am i missing?
Isnt 8psi 8 psi?
Thanks in advance.
Great thread by the way!
Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Efficiency of drive....

Hypothetical numbers....

Maggie ... 8 lbs of boost.... makes 150 hp..... It take s 75 of those HP just to run the maggie so a net gain of 75 hp....

Turbos.... 8 lbs of boost.... makes 150 hp... takes 30 of those hp to run the turbos.... so a net gain of 120 hp.....

Again, these are hypothetical numbers.... but belt driven blowers are considered to be roughly 50 % efficient...

Turbos 80-90 % efficient... and these are arguable numbers...

This is all dependent on quality of build, properly matched components... etc.... Putting a big rump rump cam on a FI (forced induction) build is not necessarily the way to gain efficiency... Using shorties headers are not going to help engine breathing much more efficient.... as using factory manifolds with turbos is not the best route....

It's all about properly matching quality components.
Don't forget, its also about the air you flow. 8 psi on a small turbo or small centri is not going to push as much air as a bigger turbo or centri at the same boost.
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