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Initially on start up if I've left the air on high and cold as it will go, edit, yes snow flake,( no refresh button is what I meant) because I don't usually use that, it takes maybe 5-15 seconds before butt cold air comes out on mine(never actually timed it), this is in Alabama, it's almost as hot as Arizona, but we have humidity that will kill you(and of course the guys in Florida always say it's worse there, but let me tell you, once you get to a certain humidity it's just miserable and an extra 3% doesn't make you feel any worse, I know, I'm back and forth between Bama and Florida).

That being stated, I've had three incidences where upon start up the fan blew, but the compressor didn't come on, I believe it is related to my phone charger that is plugged in next to the cluster gauges. Because, the first time I ripped out the charger and it started working. The last time I turned the car off and turned it back on and it started working.
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