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Originally Posted by chicagojoe16 View Post
I live in Kalamazoo, and after I get my IBM SS Camaro, I'd like to get some racing stripes painted on it. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy place that I can get paint work done?


Furthermore, any ideas for striping color/design? I want stripes that don't look stock but don't look too outlandish, I picked IBM because it looks pretty low-key compared to the other available colors. If you can photoshop your idea into a mock-up that'd be even cooler.
First off I think painted stripes are the way to go with this color, they would look great. BUT You might be surprised with how much metallic is in the paint and you might decide that you will not want to ruin the paint by putting stripes on it. I might be slightly biased by having one myself, but I think its one of the coolest colors out there. In the dark it looks black, in the shade it looks navy blue, in the sun it explodes with metallic sparkle, and when the car is wet it turns purple. I've taken many close up pictures of the paint but none do justice. I'll post a few just to give you somewhat of an idea. Hope it inspires you to do something cool. If i got stripes, they would have to be metallic and have the purple tone like the paint does, but thats just me. Enjoy the pics!

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