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Originally Posted by ajax. View Post
Been running at the track and I'm always running 12.74 @ 109. Tonight I went down to the track and was posting absurd numbers with my best of only a 12.91.. I even had a bunch of 13 second passes...real embarrassing...

My 60' is usually 1.9-2.0 so my question is what's the best way to practice to get a good 60' time? Any special techniques?

My method is tires down to 15-16 psi...then water box and heat the tires up real good and get them nice and hot. Then I brake stand and launch at 1000 rpm or so with traction control completely off. Everyone tells me I have A low 12 second car but honestly i think that's impossible. Tired of getting smoked by every car at the track...
Are you running a stock stall converter?
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