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Originally Posted by TrekGTO View Post
Just an interesting note the ZL1 has a different AC condenser than the SS. The ZL1 has adapters on the inlet and outlet to fit the same fittings as the SS and mounts for the WTA Heat exchanger. No idea about capacity just that itís completely different. I donít have the documentation but by my memory the ZL1 has less Freon capacity than a SS on the under hood sticker.
Hmm. Wondered about that.

I have bookmarked this page and will bring it in Wed. To dealer. Funny, but today with all the thunder boomers around it was quite overcast. Had to turn the fan on about 3 or 4 setting as it was really chilly in the ZL. I don't think this is a freon issue myself, but will see Wed. At times it almost seems as if I actually have the heater running, it's that hot. Then you can feel it start getting cool after a while. It's as if the blower is sucking in outside air and the compressor hasn't kicked in at all, even though the button shows it set to recirculating.

Oh well Reggie and others, will post back here with results Wed. evening.
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