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Originally Posted by ajax. View Post
Been running at the track and I'm always running 12.74 @ 109. Tonight I went down to the track and was posting absurd numbers with my best of only a 12.91.. I even had a bunch of 13 second passes...real embarrassing...

My 60' is usually 1.9-2.0 so my question is what's the best way to practice to get a good 60' time? Any special techniques?

My method is tires down to 15-16 psi...then water box and heat the tires up real good and get them nice and hot. Then I brake stand and launch at 1000 rpm or so with traction control completely off. Everyone tells me I have A low 12 second car but honestly i think that's impossible. Tired of getting smoked by every car at the track...
Just noticed that u are running 3.91 gears? That could be a little bit as to why you are spinning off the line. A6 already has an aggressive 1st gear so now you are more so with the extra gear in the rear.

What rpms are you crossing the line at the end? Are you staying in 4th or does it shift to 5th before the end?
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