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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Yep, it has it., i'd be pretty aggravated if i put down the money for a ZL1 M6 and still had to be bothered to eliminate the skip-shift and hsa myself!

Originally Posted by krazzyk01 View Post
I hate to say this......But I read part of the manual......

I know, I know....Don't say it.

It boils down to if you're shifting from 1st to 2nd under 1500 RPM (guesstimate on my part) you'll get the pop-up message in the center screen. I was looking for the message on purpose, why else would I look at anything other than the heads up?

I had heard about this P.I.M.A. a long time ago on the Corvette's if I'm not mistaken. So I looked it up in the trash they left in the glove box on delivery lol.

Here's the page from the manual, page # 9-33:

And thank you for not putting another automatic on the planet just because it's easier not to be bothered to learn something "manually."
not sure what you're getting at here...this isn't telling how to turn off the "feature" as much as just how you have to operate it....yes, it says it turns it off, but not in the sense that everyone is concerned with. the very next time conditions are met, you have to skip again.
Build thread linked in the pic...

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