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Originally Posted by cbass View Post
How do you get more for your money? HID and LED taillights are standard on all mustangs. Not $1350 extra. The mustang also tends to price out cheaper, have bigger incentives, and a bigger margin between invoice and MSRP so you can always get it for less. The interior is also of higher quality although the interior layout on the camaro is much better. Both the mustang and Challenger have track apps of which the camaro has no equivalent.

The only thing that made me buy the camaro is I have always been a camaro fan and love the styling. The Tremec in the camaro is of much higher quality than the Chinese made MT82 in the stang and I wanted a manual. The camaro comes with brembos all around. Finally, I am a big fan of the LS3 engine.

However, the fact that the camaro was more expensive and how tightly integrated Onstar spyware is into the car I thought long and hard about getting a mustang instead.
When incentives are in play it is hard to make a fair value judgement for two cars. You can probably still get a Mustang with as much as $5,000 on the hood of the car at some dealers. Though the reality about incentive is this, you do not offer them unless you need them and the Mustang has needed them (as has the Challenger). The Camaro has sold with mostly no incentives and $1,000-$1,500 in incentives at the max.

Where this comes to hurt the buyer in the long run is with resale value, if someone happened to have purchased a Mustang at full MSRP they get hosed. Sure the Camaro may be a bit more expensive however it pays for itself when you go to sell the car over the Mustang. The 5th generation Camaro has maintained its resale really well, $19,000 is still about the cheapest I can get a used 5th generation Camaro in my area and that is a V-6 engine. $27,000 roughly gets me a used SS Camaro.... from 2010.. and this is a car entering in its 5th model year and yet has held its value really well.

The value proposition, I remember when the Camaro first came out in 2010 and you had a clear value proposition for the Camaro. Sure the base Mustang was about $1,000 cheaper (without incentives) however it lacked much of the features that the base Camaro had. Ford has increased standard features for the Mustang sense then while not increasing the price by that much.

Looking at some of the stats (not including incentives) there is a $1,250 price difference between the two cars and the Camaro does seem to offer a bit more for the money.

However if I were to be making the choice of which of the three cars is better taking incentives into account then clearly the Challenger is the better car. It is hard to argue against a R/T Challenger that is priced at $26,000.......
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