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Originally Posted by Jims Mongoose View Post
Did you see that test drive on the 1LE, not sure what the show was on TV but, wow. They plugged the Boss Mustang more than the 1LE. Don't get me wrong they had some nice things to say about our car, but things like it still feels like a 'Camaro', the mustang is more nimble. Well someone should tell him that the 1LE beats just about everyone around the track, including the 'Boss'. Also 'Interior' materials a little cheap, what does he expect, 'Ferrari' leather?

Really the Camaro interior kills both the Mustang and the Challenger for looks and quality of materials, fit and finish etc.

Did anyone else see this test?

Please comment.

Yup. I watched that Motorweek episode yesterday on TV.

I was not impressed either with the review. There was so much banter about the boss that was unwarranted. I didn't like references to it handling like "a Camaro" either. WTF does that even mean? Did they even drive the car?! The 1LE is such a good handling and well balanced car so I'm not sure what he meant. Did he mean it's heavy, or something else?

And the reference to "less than stellar materials" bugs me. The Camaro uses the same materials that any other automotive manufacturer uses so I don't understand these kinds of comments. The interior is handsome, durable and well laid out IMHO.

I can't wait to get mine so I don't have to keep watching these damn reviews, just so I can live vicariously through other lucky 1LE drivers!
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