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coming off a 13 mustang. You get more for your money in several ways. Lets do a 13 gt vs 13 1SS comparison.

standard on camaro that mustang does not have:
4 wheel brembos
Independant rear
20" wheels
An interior that is leaps and bounds less rattley and clunky than a mustang.
a transmission that shifts when you need it to shift.
5 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty

That is where you get more for your money.

I came from a bitchen 13 gt with recaros and track package. $36k sticker. car was badass !!! that transmission, never a solid day without some kind of issue. 10,000 miles and i sold it. couldn't put up with that. had a 10 camaro before. once you hop into a mustang after a camaro, you realize the dash is from the 90's and the whole interior is a cost saving plastic dungeon. door panels from hell, b pillar rattles, rear seat side panels rattle. minimal clips holding that stuff in place.
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