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Originally Posted by Fenderaddict2 View Post
Love how anytime the Mustang outpaces a Camaro there's a bandwagon of posters with excuses. Why not be happy that this segment survives?
I think it is funny because it is the opposite since I have been coming to this site, whenever the Mustang sells more then the Camaro for a month (or two) the Ford fanbois come out talking about how this is the end for the Camaro. .............

Now even some of the Camaro owners run out and say such things, it is as if they lack the ability for critical thinking.

Enter you all coy, I remember you were one of those Mustang owners who also jumped on that bandwagon. Go on about how the Mustang was superior and everyone who owns a Camaro has one so now the Mustang will take its rightful place back on top. Every single time you did boom the dumping month ends and the Mustang goes right back to second place.

My whole point is we need to stop looking at 1-2 months and making such huge and wild speculations about what is going to happen. You have people saying it is because the 2014 Camaro is ugly (which is just dumb), someone actually said it is because the 2015 Mustang is coming....
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