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My Water Pump woes continue

I was all excited to go see Patrick G in Victoria today to hopefully correct my lean tip in as I shift gears, but I didn't make it out of the drive way.

The shaft on my water pump snapped . The good news is I was still in my drive way, and not half way to Victoria (2 1/2 hr trip)...always a silver lining.

Unfortunately this is the 2nd time my water pump pulley has fallen off since I upgraded to the 10-rib kit. I'm clearly not competent in water pump pulleys. You are supposed to remove the original pressed on pulley that is not intended to be removed. Then press on the new pulley. I thought I had it right the first time (on my second pump...I destroyed the first pump trying to press on the pulley). About a month later it fell off. .

Bound and determined to not let that happen again, I asked my friend for some ideas and we decided to drill a hole in the shaft, tap it and bold the pulley on...sounded like a good idea, but kept breaking we decided to pin the pulley (drilling straight through the side). In hind site, drilling out the shaft to tap it clearly messed with the integrity...I wish we had thought to pin it first...I think it would have held. As is it lasted around 2 months including a trip to the track and many daily driver miles.

Mike at Whipple also offered to install it is I sent him the pump and pulley...I think I'm going to take him up on that this time. But because I'm impatient. I'm also going to order an electric water pump...the idler pulley it comes with is plenty big for 10 rib, and supposed to add another 10-15hp .

Meziere Electric Water Pump in the mail.

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