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Camaro5 Fest IV Official Dyno Info

Hey All,

Mike Norris Motorsports and Raymonds Performance are proud to announce our dyno availability for Camar5 Fest IV. We have been going back and forth with the organizers and here is what we have come up with for folks.

Unfortunately this will not be an on site dyno like last year but will be at our shop in Plainfield which is about 9 miles from the track and about 9 miles from the host hotel. Here are the bullet points for everyone.

We will be doing 3 back to back dyno runs with wide-band A/F reading and printouts for $65.

This will be offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM and slots every 30 minutes. We could start as early as 8 AM if someone wants to come that early and or last appointment will be at 4 PM. We are not doing Saturday as we will need a full crew at the track that day.

For those that know for sure that they want to get on the dyno, we suggest setting an appointment ahead of time and this will require pre-paying to hold that spot open. It is non-refundable after Monday, July 29th. Payment can be made via Paypal to and be sure to include your name, year, what trans, what mods, what day and what time as well as a good contact phone number.

For those looking to come in anytime we will have a sign up sheet in case we end up with a line of folks. If you come in and we are open, you will get right in.

There has been some talk about a cruise over to the shop one day but nothing is set in stone as of yet. I am sure someone will be organizing this for us.

Preferred payment for those just showing up is cash and exact change if possible. With this much heads up I would imagine this should not be an issue.

For those looking to get calibration work done please contact me ASAP to set up a time as we have quite a bit going on as it is and "normal" shop calibration appointments are now running into that week. Any calibration appointments will also require a non-refundable deposit and that can be discussed with me directly.

That is all for now and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks and see y'all in a few weeks.

Mike Norris
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