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The June returns throw me off for this reason, Chevy and Camaro had record pace car and parade car
exposure at Indy and every racing event I watched. The parade of Indy drivers was all matching camaro convertibles,white with dual blue stripes (66 Shelby GT350 dress). Chevy put more money in racing promotions in the second quarter of 2013 than any sponsor I can recall. Chevy engines and teams ran well at Indy and NASCAR all May and June. Where is the pay-off? Mustang, in this environment, leads by 2000 units in a 30 day month. Makes no sense relative to "advertising pays." Something else is going on other than rebates. I have priced a new GT and rebate or no they want $9K
more than I paid for the 07GT. That ain't giving them away. That 07 GT reduced my cash on hand a fair bit.
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