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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
You can get a manual for the Carrera S. And its 'automatic' is a PDK which is essentially an automated manual, so there isn't really any fuel efficiency lost there.

And they aren't all that close in hp. 400 vs 460 (or 465), thats a 15% difference. Its pretty substantial, and when you consider that the C7 gets better fuel economy ... well, lets just say I'm impressed. With the Stingray. Because no other car that I can think of makes that much power, while being that fuel efficient.
I completely agree. The point though is that in an apples to apples comparison (I was comparing auto vs auto do to the performance numbers) the extra HP isn't really put to much use in 0-60. Unfortunately Porsche doesn't release quarter times because I'm sure the C7 would win there.
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