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Originally Posted by mikeyg36 View Post
I completely agree. The point though is that in an apples to apples comparison (I was comparing auto vs auto do to the performance numbers) the extra HP isn't really put to much use in 0-60. Unfortunately Porsche doesn't release quarter times because I'm sure the C7 would win there.
I don't understand how you don't think its impressive. You were asked to come up with a similar car and you did the following comparison.

Porsche Carrera S $100,000. 3.6 engine. 400HP. V6.
C7 $50,000. 6.2. ~450HP. V8.

You did say that it isn't apples to apples, but that comparison doesn't really make sense, IMO. The Porsche has a V6 and a smaller displacement. Even then it still comes below on the highway MPG. I personally, now even more, think that the C7 is impressive.

I haven't had the chance to try out a newer automatic car, so I don't know how it shifts. Although if they shift like the 2005 cars and below, I would hate a 7 speed automatic. A 7 speed manual would be fun though
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