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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
I have had this feature for the last 11 years, starting with the WS6 and continuing in the 1LE. It has never been an issue. If it comes on, it takes all of about 1/2 second to simply put it in third and go. If you are taking off hard enough that shifting to second is important, then it will have never come on. I find these threads, much like the hill holding clutch threads interesting, but just never see why it is a big deal.

I must admit, I find the hill hold VERY annoying. My driveway is angled just enough to activate it and it holds WAY TO LONG!!!!! I sold BMWs for a short time and their cars have had that feature for a long time. It NEVER caused me any frustration and that was in the Syracuse, NY area. They actually have hills...unlike the area I'm in now....

I'm going to need to look up one of those threads and hopefully learn more about it there.
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