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GM Certifed my arse (a Rant and a call to GM CS)

Recently purchased a GM certified used (and Motor Trend certified used) 2010 2SS/RS Camaro. Build date: September 11, 2009 and it's a preorder R6P car.

List of things I found during and after delivery that the dealership has balked about:

- Clear Coat crazing in multiple places on the roof
- Paint chipping on the fenders
- a sizable dent on the drivers side of the hood the size of a dollar bill
- Clear chipping on the polished 20" factory rims
- Clutch chatter and excessive noise under load on the driveline (to the point it sounds like a solid axle 4th gen with bad bearings)

Also warranty voiding concerns:

- Tom Gill during the sales pitch did say that I could add GM factory performance parts and other factory parts from later model years and not void the powertrain warranty so long as it didn't involve cracking open the transmission or engine.

- They turn right around 4 days after delivery during a check on the driveline noise and vehemently deny my ability to install the NPP Exhaust, ZL1 Short Throw shifter, and 1LE suspension upgrade package even though they do not constitute opening up the engine or touching anything emissions wise.

- Also, the check on the driveline issue was met with a pencil whip write off to the TSB on synthetic oils. I've run synthetic oils (the same oils in this car were in my 2000 T/A with 60K miles at trade in) and this noise is worse than the '00 T/A's T56. Not to mention the lifter tick is on par with the 12 year old LS1 I had with regular oil changes.

All in all the point I'm attempting to get across is that this vehicle should NOT have been sold with a GM certified sticker (and thusly at an inflated price) and if this were the case I believe they should repair the hood dent they 'skipped' because it was 'beyond their ability to correct' as well as address the false claims of being able to add factory performance parts and also factory components from later model years that address certain problems with handling (2012+ Rear suspension has been brought up).

I have read and understand my rights under the Federal Warranty Act but from my viewpoint adding a dual mode exhaust which just bolts onto the car and is designed, engineered, and built by GM should not void the warranty on an LS3 2010 Camaro that has been GM certified used.

Be that as it may, I am calling out to GM customer service as to whether or not this could be grounds for the car being returned to the dealership and exchanged for another vehicle. My original plan had been to convert the car to a 1LE and had been told by various service departments that this was within my rights under the warranty contract as it is an upgrade package to the SS model Camaro (the new parts would not be under the warranty a 2013 1LE has as a powertrain warranty but the current remainder of the warranty wouldn't be rendered null and void).

Any help would be much appreciated.
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