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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
CFD, are you making and selling those cross members? I gotta pull my pan.

Are we positive that the engine won't lift enough as is?

I never attempted to raise the motor so I cannot say first hand.

What I made was the flanges, then cut the existing cross member, slid the flanges in place and welded them while on the car to ensure proper alignment. I did not remove my pan but lowered it far enough to remove the inner baffle and access every inch of it. If need came to remove it you would have to remove the steering rack mounting bolts so it can be moved forward slightly and out of the way.

If you have someone who can cut the cross member and weld the flanges in and would like to try it I will take some measurements and write some instructions. I may have an extra set of flanges already made if not I can do a set for you.

If you go to pg 6 in my build thread there are some pictures of it on the car
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