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I use mine as a DD. I actually just transported a ladder in mine and I'm sure that would make some people cringe.

Not a bad DD and it will be mine for some time. The suspension is more stiff than a SS but personally it does not bother me. Also the stock tires are not good in cold or wet conditions so they will have to be replaced when the time comes.

As for hill assist. Maybe it is where I live, but so far I have not had it engage. Maybe I need to be on a steep hill? I am able to roll back on small inclines and haven't seen hill assist.

Is your current SS a manual? The manual on camaro's is not easy to drive. I thought it was me being out of practice not driving for years, but the clutch is unlike any other car. I don't feel bad as since I have let others drive the car. One that claimed to drive stick for 7 years, another that claimed to drive 5 years in Europe, and the last that currently drives a stick Audi and each did poorly and stalled with the current stick Audi driver doing the best, but saying it's the hardest stick car he's driven.
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