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I'm just over 96K on mine stock pads/rotors. I can tell you I just ordered some ceramic pads from Advanced Auto for about $60 to do the front and rear. I'm gonna chance not doing the rotors this time as they really aren't in too bad of shape. May regret it but saved a few hundred bucks for now. It seems like the last time I asked about getting some rotors turned they said they don't do it much any more. Maybe that was just here in my area though. Anyway, if they are not grooved or warped your probably ok. Not sure what labor would cost as I've never paid for it. Really if you have a jack and air tools you can do the job in around an hour (I hope!!!) without too much difficulty (I REALLY hope!!!) I've done other cars, just not my Camaro yet. I'm pretty certain any local shop is cheaper than the dealer though so you might ask around. Good luck!
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