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Police report was made, of course. I took down all the guys insurance. Sad part was....the insurance paper had the advertising divisions number for the insurance company on the ins card vs the claims number. I called and called, left messages, etc. I finally got a call back from that number saying I was calling the advertising section. No kidding....make it harder for people to contact them right off the bat... I had to get the proper ins info off the internet.

I called his ins once and was told someone would be assigned the case, would contact me, etc. No one has. I was told it would be 24/48 hours but they could rush it. Nope. I know it was the holiday weekend, but nothing.

Since no one contacted me, I called my insurance and they said they'd handle it and would contact them/bill them, etc. paying for the repairs out of pocket for now should I need. I already went to a place that does ins adjustments and estimates for my ins co having my car looked at. I sent the appraisal over to them and they are forwarding it to the proper ins co.

Looks like everything should work out. was that diminished value that I'm concerned about.
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