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1. If these are the original rotors is it better to replace them or can they be re-surfaced and reused?
*After reading information I just decided to purchase new rotors and forgo the re-surface.

2. What brake pads should I go with aftermarket or OEM? Again I do not race the car yet. lol
* I purchased aftermarket Hawk seemed the way to go cost a little more but not much.

3. If I have to replace the rotors which rotors should I get. The drilled/slotted rotors are awesome but I'm trying to keep the costs as low as possible. (I'm a school teacher and I'm trying to get ready for the start of the school year. So that unfortunately is also taking some of my cash flow away!)
* I purchased slotted as I didnt see any gains from drilled rotors (with the exception of high priced racing rotors). The slotted looked as the best for stock / auto x on occasions.

4. How much do you think brake pads, new rotors, and labor would cost me?
*Not sure on labor, but you could be looking at 600 or more if above OEM. Really if I were you I would PM some vendors and have them send you the prices.

I just purchased new R1 rotors and hawk ceramic pads cost was $500.00 for everthing. The rotors were the premium slotted, so a little more cost to me. The items are for a 2LS (V6) Camaro so pricing will be a little more for a SS (V8).
Plan on install this weekend and a 12 pac to someone.
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