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I have no problem with the host making money off the site....everyone who says they shouldn't needs to get off your duff and start up a "free" one yourselves if you do. Its allot of work even with Moderator's.

And its just silly to start quoting prices for servers like that's all it have more equipment costs than that, you have software and user license costs, you have website design and .com name costs,, you have the time put into building and maintaining that equipment costs, you have to provide space for the equipment, that costs, you have to keep it debugged and troubleshooting costs, you have power costs, you have costs to replace failed equipment, as well as backup equipment costs, you have costs for mandatory upgrade costs, there's dozens of necessary expenditures that are included in something like this, it isn't just signing up for a Facebook page........

It makes zero difference if they ban the vendors or long as they aren't deleting the negative posts or otherwise actively try to hide stuff.

I have seen vendors dropped when it was discovered and confirmed after a separate investigation, they were doing damaging actions to members on here.

If your to lazy to do due diligence and research at least on this forum, much less on the web before buying from someone then that's totally on you.....why does everyone think its someone else's responsibility to "protect" you.

I mean its not like you have to buy from any of the vendors on here if you think the mod's aren't policing them correctly in your opinion, because they are getting payed "massive" amounts of money not to.....

And its pretty ludicrous actually to say they don't ban vendors, look at the RX situation recently......they banned a vendor for breaking forum rules....

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