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Originally Posted by cliffdog89 View Post
I really would not be worried about this. When the lights are on you can't even tell the rear lights are tinted. I would think you could easily demonstrate this and overturn any bogus complaint. Plus, the person that rear ended you would probably not be thinking, "oh wow tinted lights - bet I can get off on this guy". Honestly - they probably won't even know they are tinted (unless you shut your car off).

I realize this is not a popular position to take but I went to get my accord tails tinted a few years ago to my tint shop and was given a lesson. They no longer would do it because the below happened to one of their customers....

it does not work that way - guy hits you, cops called, cop notes tinted lights...guy's lawyer that hits you sees it on the discovery....and then it starts - don't think about the law, think about the LAWYERS before you do this. Taillights, headlights and windshield are the only mods I won't do...

and again, what the cops think on their forum:

Please just think about is miserable when you are sued...even when you win...because you don't really win...the lawyers do....

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