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IPS Motorsports Media Contact:
Stas Makarov, CEO
Phone: 740-657-3278


IPS’ New Twin-Turbo Kit Doubles Camaro Horsepower for Price of Alloy Wheel Option at Dealerships
Ohio-based tuning house adds competitively priced Twin-Turbo kit for Chevrolet Camaro owners who want to join the ranks of outrageous turbo-charged vehicles.

Lewis Center, OH, July 10, 2013 – For about the same price as upgrading stock wheels to 21” aluminum hoops at the Chevrolet dealership, IPS Motorsports’ new twin-turbo kit will effectively double the horsepower of the Camaro to 800 bhp, and give drivers the ultimate performance upgrade and bragging rights. Priced at US$6300, the all-American kit features premium components including two Garrett journal bearing turbos, external TiaL wastegates & blow-off valve and Fragola oil lines to bump the 2010-onwards Camaro up to 800 bhp. The new kit is available for order today on their online store.

“We want to make driving and racing a turbo-charged Camaro available to everyone,” said Stas Makarov, CEO of IPS Motorsport. “The new kit we put together follows the same philosophy that has put IPS at the forefront of high performance motorsports for so many years. We insist on high quality components such as the Garrett turbos and TiaL valves, and we put everything together at our facility in Ohio. 99% of the kit’s components are proudly made in the USA.”

The new IPS twin-turbos are mounted at the bottom of the car, one on each side of the transmission column. The kit includes all the necessary hardware for installation, including a skid plate to protect the turbo units from damage. Visit or call 740-657-3278 for more details.


About IPS Motorsport

IPS Motorsport is Ohio's premier performance and tuning facility for a wide-variety of modern domestic and imported sports and luxury cars. Founded in 2003, the company today operates one of the largest automotive performance facilities in the US Midwest, and offers a one-stop shop for performance vehicles. For more information, visit:
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