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Originally Posted by 2SS45th View Post

I trailer mine everywhere, and I have mine lowered A LOT. Getting in and out of an enclosed trailer can be done two ways: go through the trunk; or crawl through the window. Window is easier, I just take my shoes off.

Some trailers have escape doors on the side so you can get out, but you can do it pretty easily without one.

Also, if you haven't trailered a car before, remember to leave the car in neutral and the parking brake off.
Absolutly not.

1 load car in or on trailer leave in neutral set parking brake
2 hook all for corners and snug straps
3 remove parking brake
4 tighten straps
5 set parking brake
6 put in park or gear.

Seting the parking brake after tieing down will cause no harm to the car what so ever. This is how the manufactures transport them!!!!

I know people disagree with cluster hooks and tieing down from the frame as I recomend but at least set the e brake.

Please don't belive everything you read talk to an old auto transporter. Someone who's been doing it for 30 years. Thats who taught me and we probably tied down over a thousand cars together helping him load.
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