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Originally Posted by was619 View Post
Hey Matt,

can you give out the part number for these Push screws?
I'd like to try and get them from my local parts department.

Hello Will,

I can not give you the part number as these are not Chevrolet parts....The company I work for makes these and the tools are owned by another OEM....I also cannot sell these to you, however if you want to paypay a few bucks to cover S&H I will gladly send you some.

Originally Posted by Toxikk View Post
oh, they are not attached to the diffuser? i looked at them on a zl1 at my dealer and they seemed like one solid piece. maybe i need to look harder. either way, i think i want both on my 1le if they are in fact separate
The ZL1 is attached at all locations. When installing the factory ZL1 splash guards on a non-ZL1 the bottom attachment point is not used as the non ZL1 bumper has nothing hanging in that area to attach the splash guard to.

Originally Posted by willc1980 View Post
the splash guards you have are an OE piece from Chevy or aftermarket??
OEM ZL1. I purchased mine from Rodgers Chevrolet

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