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Originally Posted by Chicadepueblo View Post
Just tried to reply to your pm but it said you can't receive pm's. Weird. But to answer your question. DBA & Baer are the one's I've been looking at. But Baer may be a little out of my price range right know. Once I get both brakes and rotors changed out I'll do the stainless steel brake lines as well a little later down the road. One small step at a time right.
Thanks for the try and reply! I apoligize, I just recently got a new IPad and had to change my Email! Got it all straightend out now!

Originally Posted by Chicadepueblo View Post
Yup sounds about right. Going to order the Hawk HPS pads over the weekend. Rotors I have to wait until next paycheck. So hurry up and wait for me. Yea! NOT
Going to try the Hawk HPS also for my next mod after my tune next week! Was trying to hold off on tune but headers are throwing the cel not allowing me to pass inspection!
Please keep us updated on the pad install! Thanks!
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