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Originally Posted by R1_Demon View Post
Welcome, EC!!!

Definitely show me a thing or two. When I bought my 2SS/RS a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the person must have either tried to wax the matte stripes or something because you can see some swirl marks in the black matte stripes on the hood. :(

If you could let me know how to fix that and get rid of the swirl marks, I would be grateful. I just hope the stripes are not permanently damaged. :(
Unfortunately with vinyl stripes it's pretty difficult to fix damage done by them. I'm going to be trying out some Meguiar's M39 and M40 and see if I can fix some minor scratches I have on mine. I'll let you know the results. And I'll do some more research tonight and see what I can find. The vinyl stripes are the most finicky part on this car to try and fix, most just recommend replacing.
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