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Originally Posted by Macrackie View Post

1 load car in or on trailer leave in neutral set parking brake
2 hook all for corners and snug straps
3 remove parking brake
4 tighten straps
5 set parking brake
6 put in park or gear.

Setting the parking brake after tieing down will cause no harm to the car what so ever. This is how the manufactures transport them!!!!

I know people disagree with cluster hooks and tieing down from the frame as I recommend but at least set the e brake.

Please don't belive everything you read talk to an old auto transporter. Someone who's been doing it for 30 years. Thats who taught me and we probably tied down over a thousand cars together helping him load.
Agree 100% ^ This is what I do too.

Use "J" hooks and tie the car down by the frame. I also criss cross the straps, which is to prevent the car from moving side to side in an "situation" . . .
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