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Installed My New Grills

This has been the longest process of any install I've done. I ordered my ZL1 upper grill and Street Scenes Lower Grill w/Ducts a month ago and have just now gotten them in after two failed attempts. The reason it took so long, is because twice I was thwarted by a stripped bolt which prevented me from taking off the fascia. I tried everything to get it out and was unsuccessful, having to put my whole fascia back together twice . So finally I got the bolt out with a dremel per the recommendation of the good folks here on C5 (the thread regarding the bolt can be found here: The long and the short of it, is I installed my grills and I think they look great. I know the heritage grill is a more popular option than the ZL1 grill, but I actually think the ZL1 grill looks better (and it's half the price). These grill make huge strides to improving the V6 fascia and making it much meaner. Lemme know what you think
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