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My TEAM. You have no idea how many hours they have spent preparing the CamaroCross to make it a GREAT experience for YOU! Please be sure to track each one of them down and say THANK YOU while you are at C5FEST IV INDY.

The FEST opens Thursday August 1st and we can't wait. As always, PEDDERS is hosting the CamaroCross. We have a fabulous CamaroCross Administrative TEAM. We literally started working out the details for FEST IV Saturday late afternoon at FEST III.

You can expect more runs and more time with your fellow drivers and more fun. The classes are almost the same as last year. V6, V8 Stock, Modified and Super Modified. We decided to go with trophies this year and think you will be proud to display them. Of course we have 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies along with Fastest Time of the Day (FTD).

The award we believe to be truly special is the CamaroCross MVP. Last year Keith Silvin won our MVP. It wasn't awarded to him based on his excellent driving skills, which by the way have improved so be ware. He EARNED the award by helping everyone and doing everything. No food service. No problem. He made a sandwich run for the staff. Fellow racer has a problem. There was Kieth helping out. Worn out from the hot sun some of our tech and starter volunteers needed a break. Take a guess... That is the real spirit of Camaro5 and the CamaroCross.

Everyone involved with the event and everyone on my staff are all volunteers. They do it because they enjoy the community that is Most automotive events are car events with social activities on the side. Camaro5FEST is the opposite. Make no mistake about it we do love our cars and drive the wheels off or polish through the paint, but the secret to the success of C5 is it a community

I also want to thank Bruce Raymond for the support he will provide the Pedders CamaroCross before during and after the event as well as coaching drivers that request assistance. Danny Popp will be on hand for course setup Thursday late morning and also available as a driving coach.

Joe Bella has spent a fair portion of his time on our conference calls. We appreciate his help, but in the end is a Moderator so we HAVE to say that ;P

Our CamaroCross MVP and the Camaro5 member that puts up the FTD will each go home with this cup. Are the winners going to fill them with champagne, beer or Gatorade?

The 1st Place finisher in all four classes will take home one of these.

A bit smaller than 1st, but still impressive 2nd Place Trophy for each class.

Smaller than the 2nd Place trophy, but worthy of standing on the podium with you is our 3rd Place trophy.

Have you registered for the CamaroCross at:
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