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Originally Posted by SRT10KLLR View Post
Short answer is it doesn't matter. If using a wet kit you can be at 40psi or 58psi as long as you have the correct fuel jet to get the a/f where you want it it doesn't mater.

On a 100 shot with 55psi I think it calls for a 33 jet on the fuel side but if running at 40psi you would go bigger say 40 jet instead. The recommended jets are usually pretty rich so you need to test and adjust till you get it where you want it.

I am running a 250 shot using 88N 33F jets and still in the low 11 a/f even though the chart recommends 88N 51F.

My AFR is on the fat side right now 10.7/11.2. So best would be to just start with a 50 jet and go big on the fuel and adjust from there? Not really looking to add a lot of power as much as use it to cool the IAT's some. already using meth but still getting to hot. Only using a 30m/70w mix.

Do you know how to pull timing in the tune? Do I just pull 2 degrees thru the whole table?
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