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Originally Posted by 2SS45th View Post
When you have a fully finished trailer with flooring you'll know what I mean, if you leave it in gear or with the brake on it takes the floor up. The straps keep the car from going anywhere. Not to mention the stress on the drivetrain from knocking on the tranny.
If your rubber coin flooring was damaged by the tires pulling on if from having it in gear or the parking brake on this means your car was moving around. Hence not tied down properly.

Correctly secured that car shouldn't ever budge a fraction of an inch.

Now if you went to pull out and the rubber coin flooring stuck to the tires that would be a culprit of traction compound or hot tires sticking to the rubber coin floor. I always recomend the drag racers to carpet the four contact points under the tires to prevent this. Due to vht at the track. I have seen this in a customers trailer. Wrecked the whole damn floor when he pulled out it came with and had to cut it off his tires.
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