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Originally Posted by babigguy View Post
Let us know how the new tb works out!!!!
I can definitely feel an increase in throttle response and low end torque. I feel a little more "pinned back in the seat" in first and second gear now. Temps here today are in the 90s with humidity hovering around 100% so not the most ideal conditions. But even with the less than ideal temps the increases from the ported TB were very noticeable.

Only other mod I have is an Elite catch can which I installed at 200 miles. I now have over 1800 miles on the car. When I took the TB off today and looked inside the intake manifold, it was clean as a whistle. I saw no traces of oil anywhere. That made me feel good.

All in all, I'd have to say the ported TB and catch can have both been worthwhile mods. And the customer service I received from Tampa Tuning has been beyond excellent.

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