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Originally Posted by usmcjlp View Post
That is my point exactly. This car has the design elements necessary to win over buyers who have have the means to purchase a BMW or other import if it will simply deliver on the specs promised. That is what GM needs to regain market share. The chevy faithful are a strong demographic but not large enough by themselves to put GM on top again.

I would venture to say this site is frequented by avid car fans. Your average buyer doesn't take the time to do this much research. They won't consider these "minor" issues. It will not take that many of these incidents to change public opinion, which is already negative towards GM. I just don't see that GM gets it.
You just killed your whole point. The average car buyer will never even hear about these issues. Shoot, the average car buyer doesn't buy a MANUAL SS!!!!! GM is doing the right thing and fixing it. What else do you want? Unless you've written procurement docs on a time machine, your whining won't get us anywhere.

And btw, what would a systems engineer that writes documents know about mechanical tolerances and differences in metallurgy?
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