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Originally Posted by u4ax View Post
So.. I just ordered my car. I found a dealership that had an allocation open for next week. Which is amazing luck.. (It's my birthday today.. so.. Happy Birthday to me? haha)

Anyway. I can't decide on the color. I've been everywhere, to almost every dealer and have only seen Silver, Red and Yellow. Right now I picked Yellow.. but would really like to see IBM and ABM before I make my decision. I've called a bunch of dealers and there is nothing coming in before this weekend with these colors and I really want to see them in person.

I swear I'm not some crazed stalker. I just need to see these in person to make my decision. I'm going crazy over the color choice! heh.

Anyhow. If anyone in the area has any of these colors I would really like to see them in person if at all possible.

Thanks a lot.

- Jason
I will down in Wildwood NJ on Sunday till Thursday next week. Not sure if that is too far. let me know. Always love to show my car to folks making a decision on the color. My car is always clean and polished so you will get the best idea with this color, which is hot btw. Oh yeah I own a ABM SS.

Oh and Happy Birthday!
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