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Normagene, I am sorry you had to experience this traumatic event! I don't blame your near heart attack with the car sitting on random wood blocks! If I were closer, I would be glad to help you install these. For the record, you don't have to have the car off the ground to remove the front fascia. The first time I did mine, it sat on the floor in the garage. I just found taking the front wheels makes it easier. The good thing is that all of the screws that need to be removed to remove the fascia are all along the front edge of the car and the entire belly pan does not need to come off.

Did you at least get the DRL harness installed? That only takes a few minutes by turning your wheels to the left, removing 3 screws and plugging in the harness.

Also, I would not recommend installing the Noweeds system with the car on jacks. If I were you I would find a friend with a car lift, or find a local shop to help you install it. Again, if you were local I would be happy to help (so I could practice on your car instead of mine). Ha!
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