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I have had my 2SS/RS 2 and 1/2 months, 2025 miles. Not one problem. Taught my two sons how to drive a manual with it, so you can imagine how many times that clutch got popped and the car stalled.

Anyone who purchased or is purchasing the first year of a brand new model car and does not expect a few problems or recalls is kidding themselves. And if you think the foreign cars are any better, think again. I turned in a 1998 Lexus under the lemon law. Yep, they took it back and gave me another. By then, the '99s were out and I got one of them.

I have not had any issues with mine yet, but, after reading all the posts on this forum I know one will most likely come my way. I won't be surprised when it does and I know it will be handled appropriately by the warranty.

Anyway, just my two cents for what its worth.
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