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Originally Posted by Q'smuscle View Post
Have you seen the ZL1 camaro interior? and also did you look at the Challenger interior?
I drove the Challenger, so of course I saw the interior. And yes, I have seen the ZL1 interior, very much improved over the SS of 2010, but it's those two squarish gauge pods that bother me, sorry it's just not me, plus the backseat and trunk are useless in the Camaro, while the Challenger has a useable backseat and a huge trunk. I think I mentioned I have to pick up the grandkids a few times a week during school months, so the Cadillac was the best choice. Last month in cooler weather I ran 12.24 @ 118.91 in the Cadillac (on street tires) so the power is there with just a CAI and a tune. Also last time out at the test and tune I also ran a new 2013 ZL1 (6M) which was pure stock, and beat him pretty good , it was at 11pm (DA 3000+) I ran 12.706 @ 115.61 (still warm from the GT500 race) and the ZL1 ran 13.043 @ 111.21. I'm sure that with drag radials and cooler weather I will be deep into the 11's with the Cadillac, I'm happy.
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