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Ok! Have to chime in here....... Had my Manual SS (#1848) for 3.5 weeks now, got 800 miles on it and haven't had not one issue yet! Although I haven't burned the tires yet, (waiting for the 1500 miles), I have gotten on it a couple of times and barked the tires hit'n 2nd and 3rd! I absolutely love the performance of this car and the attention it gets! When I do burn those tires the first time, I won't worry at all IF the out put shaft fails cause I know my dealer and GM will take care of it. That is the difference with this car and the company backing it, there are some oout there that would say.... sorry, you shouldn't have burned your tires and broke it! Nope, GM knows we're burning them and said it was a suppiler problem and are taking care of it!! I say... THANK YOU GM for 1. Kepping us informed and 2. For taking care of it!

Edit: Also forgot to add that on page 8-17 in the owmer manual, it says that if the car is to be used for racing or competitive driving (after break in) the rear axle lubricant must be replaced beforehand so before I do any burnouts.... Royal Purple in the rear to!

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