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Originally Posted by Huero30 View Post
ive been wanting to do them but dont want to mess them up even more. great job!
Thank you. Well I really couldn't mess mine up anymore than they already were lol

Originally Posted by Eich View Post
If you're grinding with a stone dremel tool, I think you're through the clear coat before you start. But maybe it doesn't matter that much on the edges of the wheel.

I have some damage similar to what you show in your first picture but not all the way around the wheel.
Oh ya you are definitely going through the clear coat when you are grinding man. Some places you can see the difference but barley. Like I said the best way would be to strip the clear coat off the wheel and re clear the whole wheel. I just didn't have the time to do it. I have another one I am going to strip and fix, so I will see how that one comes out.
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